Raking for 4 hours on a Saturday

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While everyone enjoys the beautiful fall foliage, we all know the day is coming to have to pick those leaves up.  Jumping right in and is a recipe for disaster but it’s what we all do.  Unfortunately, it is near impossible with our busy schedules to just do a little at a time.  To help prevent injury, here are a few suggestions.  In the weeks leading up to fall clean up, start doing exercises that mimic the motions you’ll be using.  One arm rows with some trunk rotation for raking.  Bent over rows or dead lifts for lifting.  Shrugs for using wheelbarrows or power equipment.  Don’t have a gym?  Easy.  Fix a bungee cord to an object about waist high.  Pull toward you with one hand at a time while slightly rotating your upper torso.  Fill two buckets with sand and pick them off the floor.  Once standing, bring your shoulders up towards your ears.  And remember to use your legs and NEVER lose the arch in your back when lifting.  These simple steps may help prevent those next day aches and pains.  Your body will thank you for it.

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